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Flourish Styling Products Featured on GreenBunnyVideo

Flourish Styling Products Featured on GreenBunnyVideo

Green Beauty Bloggers get inundated with requests for reviews, and to be fair, nobody likes to take a chance on having a bad hair day, so we were thrilled when we connected with Ashley Bernier of Green Bunny Video to try our styling products. Ashley is down to earth, super glam and incredibly funny all at the same time. She is well loved in the world of Green Beauty for her YouTube videos highlighting her gorgeous makeup looks and her tell it like it is personality.

We sent Ashley a package of our styling products to try and were blown away to have them included in her in depth hair review on her You Tube channel. You can watch the video of how she styles her hair here.

She was so happy with how the variety of our styling products performed that she did an in depth blog post all about it describing the various products that she uses for different looks. And while she was pretty clear that  PatchouliTangerine is not her favorite scent, she did pick it as her overall favorite product because it gives volume and never leaves a stiff, crunchy feel to your hair.

If you don't know Ashley yet, you should be following her on Instagram and her YouTube channel.  She's like the friend you can't wait to meet up with on Saturday night to just laugh and laugh with.

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