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How Our Give $15 Get $15 Referral Program Works

Would you like to earn $15 while sharing the Flourish products you love with your friends? When they purchase for the first time, they will get a $15 discount to get started.

When referring friends:

  1. Go to your Points/Loyalty page to find your customized referral code (you have to have placed at least one order to have this link).
  2. Copy your unique referral link, paste it in an email to your friends and tell them they will get a $15 discount when they create an account.  You can provide them with this link: which will take them directly to the steps they need to follow.  
  3. Once a friend has purchased, you will have 150 rewards points in your account that you can apply to get $15 off on your next order


When your friend refers you:

Step #1: Click on the link in the email that will take you to our homepage.  Click on Login to create an account

Step #2: Create your account HERE by adding an email address and password in the right "Register" column. 
Step #3: Click on shop, and then choose the category you want to explore. Select your products and add them to the cart.  
Step #4: Hover over Cart in the top right, then click on "View Cart" and see your discount applied underneath your cart total.