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Refill Pouches

We all want to be putting good things out into the world-not creating more trash.

You buy the first bottle and you just keep refilling it using our refill pouches-eliminating single use plastic. We are able to recycle the plastic through our partner Terracycle, to complete the recycling loop.

1. When your bottle is empty, save the container. Clean and dry it.
2. Order a refill pouch and save 10% off the bottle price.
3. Squeeze the refill from the spout into your clean, dry bottle.
4. When your refill pouch is empty, cut the spout off and discard it so the envelope is flat (if it is not flat, the USPS will not ship with the label provided). Rinse it out and return it in the compostable grey pre-paid envelope the pouch arrived in.
5. Drop it in the mail to us and we will recycle it through our Terracycle program.
6. We will add 25 points as a reward to your account (equivalent of $2.50) for each pouch that you return.