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What is the Steam Bar? 

Visit the Steam Bar at our Vermont Store

Looking for something to do on these cold winter days in Vermont!?

Come stop by Flourish Beauty Lab and take a seat at our steam bar especially if you’ve been experiencing dry skin!

Go to our Steam Bar Calendar link to see available times!

What is the Steam Bar?

When placed in a cool mist steam machine it softens the skin surface, increases circulation delivering oxygen + nutrients to the tissue and makes our skin more receptive to products. You can try these steam blends here at the bar before purchasing them to continue using at home.

*this is not a facial with an esthetician-it is a self guided steam

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Cool mist steams soften the skin surface, increases circulation delivering oxygen+nutrients to the tissue and makes our skin more receptive to products.

Steam(10 minutes) $14

Includes a warm cup of our in house herbal tea blend, towels, and a pump of facial oil on completion.

Add a locally sourced custom steam blend for $7

Marigold Glow
A burst of herbal sunshine to get your tired skin glowing again. Featuring: calendula, lavender+red clover

Marshmallow Melt
Lock in the moisture with this soothing + softening blend.
Featuring: marshmallow root, rose, chamomile

Refining Rosemary
Clarify + calm with this soothing blend that helps regulate oil production.
Featuring: rosemary, red clover, comfrey, lemon verbena

Add a face mask

Honey+Berry a triple enzyme mask made with raw Vermont honey and anti oxidant rich berries. Plumps and clears your skin for an amazing glow- $8

Maple Meltdown get your skin glowing with a boost of local maple syrup whipped with velvety cocoa butter for deep hydration - $8

Makeup removal - $3