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Are your products or ingredients tested on animals?

No, never. We carefully source our ingredients to verify that there has been no animal testing in the supply chain. Many of our ingredients are locally sourced so we have every confidence in our suppliers.

Are your products vegan?

Some of them are. We’ve even sourced plant based silk protein (!). But we do use local beeswax + honey as well so please check out the full ingredient listing for info on each product to be sure.

What is the expected shelf life of your products?

Under perfect conditions they can last a long time (storing in a cool, dark environment). There may be a shift or fade in the scent after 8-12 months. Because most of our products are water based, we use a full spectrum preservative system to keep it safe. You can find out more about it here.

Can I send my bottle back for refill?

We offer BPA free spouted pouches so you can refill and reuse your shampoo, body wash or styling product bottle. The good news is that this reduces plastic consumption by 96%. You can send the spouted pouch back to us for proper recycling through our partnership with Terracycle.        

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes, you can visit us in-person at our storefront in Vermont.

Flourish Beauty Lab

4 N Main St

White River Junction, VT 05001

Store hours:

10am -5:15am Thursday+ Friday

10-3 Saturday

By appointment at other times by calling or texting 802-291-3709