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Facial Flights + Steam Bar

What is a Facial Flight? 

At your favorite brewery, wine bar or distillery you get a collection of mini glasses to try and compare to find your favorite. We’ve taken that concept and applied it to our facial line. It’s an amazing way to compare cleansers, toners, masks, serums, moisturizers and face oils to find the products that make the biggest impact on your skin right now. You apply and watch how your skin reacts so you can learn more about what your skin loves.

*this is not a facial with an esthetician-it is a self guided facial sampling.

30 minutes - $21 basic herbal steam

** Pre-payment required. No refunds for missed appointments.

Add-ons optional, additional charges apply and will be charged at time of visit.

Steam Bar

What is the Steam Bar? As our facial line continues to expand, our staff herbalist, Becky, has created three amazing locally sourced custom steam blends. When placed in a cool mist steam machine it softens the skin surface, increases circulation delivering oxygen + nutrients to the tissue and makes our skin more receptive to products. You can try these steam blends here at the bar before purchasing them to continue using at home.

*this is not a facial with an esthetician-it is a self guided steam.

15 minutes.

Want to offer facial flights for your group or family?

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