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Is Purple Shampoo Right for You?

Is Purple Shampoo Right for You?

Is your blonde hair brassy or your grey hair looking dull? Here’s everything you need to know about why it’s happening and how to fix it.

Unlike darker hair, lighter colored hair like blonde or grey is more susceptible to discoloration and uneven tones. The biggest culprits in discoloration are UV damage and heat styling. Ultraviolet light reacts with proteins in your hair and causes yellowing. Hair that is going grey is losing melanin which would typically protect hair from the UV rays. So the lack of melanin makes light hair more susceptible to the dreaded yellow cast. Using heat tools excessively on your hair also wears down the protective barrier and results in a similar reaction.

Other factors that can cause yellowing:

    • Residue from shampoos, conditioners and styling products

    • Natural scalp oil buildup

    • Mineral deposits from your water

    • Over processing hair and compromising the barrier

    • Ingredients in medicated/dandruff shampoos

There is a solution!

1- Do a deep cleanse with our shampoo booster + masque. Aside from addressing scalp issues, it is a chelant (attracts hard water minerals) and lowers the pH of your shampoo for a light, acidic exfoliation removing buildup on your scalp and hair. It helps to close the cuticle so your hair stays protected.

2-Use purple shampoo to deposit the opposing color (violet is opposite yellow on the color spectrum) and neutralize the yellow.

3-Protect your hair from UV and heat with our new vibrant+violet UV Botanical Barrier Spray. It contains antioxidants that inhibit oxidation, plant sugars that combat free radicals (purple fruits are especially effective), and quinoa protein which helps with sun protection.

Benefits of our Vibrant + Violet Collection:

Just as our other shampoos, our special blend of cleansers improves softness and hair texture helping those wiry grays to lay down.

We've added rhubarb extract which is known for it's astringency, helping to remove buildup. It is also high in anti-oxidant compounds including Vitamin C, beta carotene and anthocyanins. It pairs very well with our rich, purple berries.

Plants are gentle and allow you to subtly control the tone of your hair. By starting out toning on dry hair you can jump start and then decide how often you want to wash with purple shampoo while alternating with your other favorite.

We created purple conditioner also, because one of our testers said she felt good knowing the last thing on her hair in the shower was purple.

By using the violet toned UV protectant, you are adding a protective layer to prevent oxidation and some subtle violet tone also.

You can feel good about each and every ingredient without compromise and still benefit from a vibrant violet color experience.


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