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Top 3 Winter Hair Woes-and the Solutions

Top 3 Winter Hair Woes-and the Solutions

(Updated January 27, 2023)

Hey-it’s winter!
This is the time of year that many people start to feel like their shampoo has suddenly stopped working for them. Plus hair feels dry, flat and staticky too! Here is how to solve winter hair issues with some pro tips and some tweaks to your routine.

Problem #1: Hair feels limp, like it’s not getting or staying clean.

Reason: Super dry indoor air + the wind and cold outside makes our scalp work overtime trying to provide protection in the form of a coating of oil.
Also-hats. They keep us warm+look super cute, but they also flatten our hair and are kind of an incubator, keeping our scalp trapped in a warm, moist environment.

Solution #1- Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I’m a big fan of double cleansing because the first lather loosens the dirt+oil and the second lather really lifts+refreshes. Be sure that you lift the top layer of your hair like a halo and lather underneath the top layer.
There is no danger of over washing here. You already know how smooth and soft your hair feels with our shampoo. It will not pop the cuticle open and dry your hair out. Fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, straight hair will all benefit from a double cleanse.

Solution #2- Use the PatchouliTangerine+ Sea Salt Texturizing Spray on the roots of second day hair! The tiny bit of salt works against oiliness and it provides some texture to help your hair feel fuller.

Solution #3- Be sure to loop the Shampoo Booster into your routine. It can be added to any of our shampoos to act as a clarifier-removing hard water minerals and product residue that weighs your hair down.

Problem #2: Your length of hair feels soooo dry.

Reason: Super dry indoor air + the wind and cold outside has dehydrated your hair.

Solution #1-The Protected Cleanse will help your hair to retain moisture. You are going to shampoo and condition in reverse order. Wet your hair and apply conditioner from scalp to ends. Use a comb to detangle and distribute the conditioner evenly. Now pour shampoo into your hands and rub together to activate the lather. Apply to your scalp from underneath your hair concentrating on areas that tend to be oily. Now rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Decide if it feels slippery enough or if you need to repeat any steps.
Cleansing in this way will help to protect your length of hair from further moisture loss while cleansing your roots gently. This method works really well with the HoneyBlossom + Marshmallow Root Shampoo + Conditioner.

Solution #2- If your hair is seriously dry/damaged, you should try a pre-shampoo oil treatment. Apply either the Glossing Drops or the Scalp Support Oil to your dry hair and allow it to sit on for a while to penetrate. When you are ready to shower, apply some shampoo on your dry scalp to cut the heaviness of the oil. Add water into the mix when you step in the shower. Work it into a lather and rinse. Decide if you need to do another wash. If not, apply conditioner and comb through your hair to release tangles. Rinse and you should feel a big improvement in the dry time, weight and shine of your hair.

Read more about Protected Cleanse here and Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment here.

Problem #3: Your hair feels staticky and flat.

Reason: Staticky hair and electric shocks happen when the air in a room is very dry. It never happens on a humid summer day. But in the winter, hair can stick to our face, our sweater and straight up in the air.
And again, hats. They flatten our hair.

Solution #1- You can rinse your hands under water and then run them over your hair. Or you can get a little more sophisticated and use our Holding Spray. Part hydrating mist, it will give your hair shine and hydration. But it’s also made with a tiny bit of sugar so it also gives a really light hold.
You can lift and spray pieces, turn upside down and spray underneath for all over volume, or you can just give a quick mist and fluff it into place.

Solution #2- Keep a Simmer Pot or a humidifier going to help moisten the dry winter air.

Looking for more tips to solve winter hair woes? Check out our other blog posts or email us at We love to help solve problems!

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