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Tips+Tricks for Healthy  Summer Hair

Tips+Tricks for Healthy Summer Hair

The Best Beachy Waves

Doesn't everyone have a good hair day when they are sitting at the beach? Want to know why? Sea salt creates volume+ texture. After a good dose of earthy, salty ocean waves your hair just has that perfectly tousled look+feel.
Want to know our little secret for recreating that look? We don't add any oil to our Patchouli Tangerine+Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. Most other sea salt sprays combine a strong solution of salt with a dose of oil (to counteract the supposedly drying effect of salt). Not a winning combination for anyone with hair on the finer side. It just leads to a heavy grungy feeling super quickly. 
Instead, we leave the salt solution on the gentler side and include our own hops infusion to help pump up the volume+increase shine and hair health. And the scent? Earthy, salty patchouli with a happy dose of sunshine+tangerine? Yes, please!

Smooth Summer Style

Do you love, love summer but feel like it causes your hair to have issues? Summer weather typically creates 2 extremes for your hair. The sun+heat cause dehydration/moisture loss leaving your hair feeling dry and straw like. Or, humidity in the air is causing constant frizz. 
If you haven't tried our LavenderMint+WildClover Hydrating Mist yet, you are missing out.  Lighter+ more refreshing feeling than water, we use organic aloe vera+our own light wild clover infusion to quench your hair and keep the frizz away. It is a leave-in conditioner, detangler, hair refresher, curl bouncer, shine enhancer. It's truly our holy grail product for hair! Bonus: it feels amazing on your skin-so definitely pack it in your bag for sitting at the beach. 

Winning Combination

We recently discovered the power of layering our texturizing sea salt spray and Lavender Mint+Clover Hydrating Mist--WOW is this a gamechanger for our hair!

Our Hydrating Mist creates a protective light moisture barrier and also promotes natural wave. When it's layered with the Patchouli Tangerine+Sea Salt Spray it creates hold, and the results are soft, layered, beachy style...Texture AND Hydration--We LOVE it and so does our hair!

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