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The Basics for healthy, happy skin + hair

The Basics for healthy, happy skin + hair

Confused about the basics for keeping your skin happy + healthy? We can help!

Everyday Washing:

If you are already a fan of our shampoo for your sensitive scalp, your sensitive skin will love our Hand and Body Wash! Our body wash contains very gentle cleansers, and it is soft, moisturizing, and protective. The bubbles lift away the germs and you will notice how soft and comfortable your skin feels after the rinse.

Everyday Exfoliating:

This will make the biggest difference to your skin in every season! Our Sugar Body Polish is solid in the jar but melts at skin temperature. Rub on damp skin to loosen + remove dry, flaky skin. Rinse and continue rubbing to create a lotiony layer that traps moisture and leaves your skin plump and moisturized and oh so soft!

Everyday Moisturizing:

Our organic jojoba oil is the ultimate multi-tasker! It’s been an ingredient in our hand+body lotion for years because it has a lovely feel and is super nutritious. But on it’s own it does so many amazing things: it removes makeup easily and is perfect as a first cleanse and it provides a protective layer before hopping in the shower (try applying it under your eyes and on your neck). After showering when your skin is still wet, apply jojoba oil to seal in the hydration and leave skin soft and happy.

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