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Solve those Top 3 Summer Hair Issues!

Solve those Top 3 Summer Hair Issues!

Is your hair summer ready?? Because summer is happening!

Depending on where you live+ your hair type, there will be challenges: frizz from humidity, dehydration from the sun+wind and not enough time near the ocean for beachy hair. But we can definitely help.

Frizz Happens! Especially on rainy days. Why?

When the cuticle of your hair is raised because it is seeking moisture from the air around it. It is thirsty for that water element and trying to soak in those particles in the air.

The Fix: Making sure that you are consistently adding hydration into your hair strands. Hydration=Water Element. When you are thirsty, you drink. The tricky part is knowing how to keep the moisture there.

What will do that? Starting with the lightest and sealing with the richest weight your hair can handle. The lightest of our mists, LavenderMint+Clover Hydrating Mist to the most protective Rosewood Infusion+Angelica Glossing Drops finishing oil (and all of our styling products in between) will close the cuticle+protect.

Sun Damage! It's not just your skin+scalp getting baked in the sun. Your hair is feeling it too!

The sun is like heat styling on steroids. If you styling+ sunning, you are baking moisture+elasticity right out of your strands. Your hair will show it's weakness through discoloration, and a dry look and feel.

The Fix: Aside from the moisture replacing options described above, your best bet will be a Deep Conditioning treatment to really penetrate and reverse the damage.

What will work best? Our RosewoodInfusion Deep Conditioning Creme. It is the perfect balance between the hydrating/water elements (aloe, vitamins, botanical infusions) and our horsetail infused oil which restructures/repairs with zinc+silica to give your hair moisture+flexibility back.

Beachy Hair! Gorgeous waves without the grunge

The waves+ texture of your hair after a beach day is beyond compare. It's that perfect piecey, wavy tousled look.

The Fix: Your non-beach hair is missing that little bit of oomph that gives it lift. The salty water just lifts and grips every strand perfectly.

What will work best? Our Patchouli Tangerine +Sea Salt Texturizing Spray! We've made it gentle+ non drying but with lots of hair loving vitamins for shine, plus-it's oil free so it works for fine haired beauties too!


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