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How to treat a sensitive scalp

How to treat a sensitive scalp

You have a sensitive scalp and that’s okay! Although there is no dermatological definition of sensitive, it is estimated that 65% of the population identifies as having hair/scalp and skin sensitivities. The best way to treat a sensitive scalp is gently! 

What may be causing a sensitive scalp

Understanding the cause of your sensitive scalp is an important step in solving any issues you may have.

Many people misunderstand their sensitive scalp and will try an array of hair care products in an attempt to “fix” the problem. What’s complicated is that many of these products contain harsh cleansers, or fragrances which may exacerbate an already irritated condition. We know because we’ve experienced this ourselves. Even shampoos that describe themselves as “natural” can contain surfactants (detergents) or fragrances that might be classified as “green” but can be highly reactive. 

For example, cocamidapropyl betaine (also known as coco betaine), a very common ingredient in “natural” shampoos, was named Allergen of the Year in 2004 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society. Despite this designation, it is still widely used in natural hair care lines.

How do I know it’s not just dandruff

Many people have an itchy scalp, and it is important to note that it is not always dandruff (read our other article about the different types of dandruff for more information). Instead, what you may have is a variation of dermatitis. 

Contact dermatitis is when you experience a red, itchy rash after coming in contact with an allergen or irritant. Many conventional as well as “green” cleansers and preservatives are known to cause contact dermatitis. Conventional dandruff shampoos tend to have these ingredients. Essential oils are also known to be highly irritating, especially if not diluted properly. Many times the cooling effect of mints, menthols or tea tree oils can exacerbate irritations.

Our Solution to Sensitive Scalp

Safe, effective, low-residue, non-irritating cleansers that are also biodegradable was our #1 priority when formulating our shampoo. Our formulas start with soothing botanicals and the gentlest of cleansers recommended for babies+sensitive skin.

Each of our formulas have specific ingredients that are compatible with different hair types. We’ve taken into account that someone with baby fine hair has different needs than someone with crazy coarse curls. Our shampoos clean your hair without leaving a residue, all while using active+fresh plant ingredients. Many of the wildflowers we grow, harvest+process ourselves!

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