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Do You Really Need a Clarifying Shampoo?

Do You Really Need a Clarifying Shampoo?

We say no. 

Typically, clarifying shampoos are formulated with a higher percentage of cleansers to remove excess buildup or residue on your hair or scalp. Although clarifying shampoos  are described as offering a deeper cleanse when compared to an everyday gentle shampoo, that usually just means they’ve added more of the same surfactant, which leads to drying out your hair. Most clarifying shampoos caution against frequent use.

This happens to be the number one complaint people have of conventional purple shampoos which also subscribe to the theory of overcleansing to remove the yellow buildup that can occur on lighter colored hair. Most conventional purple shampoos leave your hair too dry which leads to an unmanageable, tangled mess.

Why doesn’t my regular shampoo just cleanse everything?

If you’ve experienced the frustration of being happy with your shampoo but then suddenly feeling like it’s stopped working you are not alone.

If you’re using  a “natural” shampoo then chances are it does not contain the ingredient sodium EDTA which is an ingredient that works to chelate/scavenge hard water minerals that land in your hair from your shower. (This is the same mineral film that you can observe in your coffee or tea pot.)Sodium EDTA helps to flush those minerals off your hair and down the drain. But it is an ingredient that is known to cause some sensitivity to your skin and scalp. So that makes it a hard pass for our formulating standards.

Shampoos for sensitive skin center around cleansing gently and effectively removing oil and sebum without overstripping your hair or scalp. You can use them daily if needed to keep oil production under control without worrying about damaging your hair.

But what about when you need a deep clean?

You do not need sodium EDTA or more of the same surfactants to deep clean your hair and scalp. 

Our innovative Shampoo Booster is a dry powder full of active ingredients. When added to your favorite Flourish shampoo it becomes a deep cleansing therapy. When the Shampoo+Shampoo Booster+water from your shower gets combined, the ingredients get activated and will foam up. Apply this foam to your hair and scalp and allow it to do it’s work. The result is super shiny, clean and bouncy hair. We highly recommend it for:

  •  occasional clarifying for all hair types
  • Those experiencing irritated scalp
  • Warm blondes who have brassy buildup that needs removing but want to avoid the ashy tone of purple shampoo

Our Violet Booster follows the same principle as our original Shampoo Booster but with more violet pigment. It works with the Vibrant+Violet Shampoo to scavenge the hard water minerals and buildup that makes blonde, grey or silver hair dull or yellow plus it gives the extra pop of more violet tone if your hair needs it.

  • Occasional clarifying of cool blonde, silver, white and grey hair 
  •  Those who need more pigment than the purple shampoo alone

Though everyone’s hair needs clarifying on a regular basis, looping either the Shampoo Booster or the Violet Booster into your routine allows you to customize your clarifying regimen to exactly what your hair needs using the shampoo that already makes your hair and scalp happy!


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