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Reduce, Refill, Reward - Earn Points with Every Refill Pouch Return ♻️

Reduce, Refill, Reward - Earn Points with Every Refill Pouch Return ♻️

We’re committed to being responsible for the packaging we put out into the world and now, we’re rewarding you when you help us recycle properly. We’ve been refilling bottles, reducing new packaging and accepting the refill pouches back for years. But now, we’ve made it even easier and it comes with rewards!

Here’s how it works:

  • When your bottle is empty, save the container. Clean and dry it.
  • Squeeze the refill and use the spout to refill your clean, dry bottle.
  • Order a refill pouch and save 15% off the bottle price. Check the box to request a pre-paid envelope to return the pouch in.
  • When your pouch is empty, cut the spout off so it is flat. Rinse it out and return it to us in the pre-paid, gray, compostable envelope. For efficiency, please mail 2-3 pouches at a time. 
  • Write your name on the envelope and drop it in the mail to us.
  • When we receive it back, we will process them into our Terracycle container and add 50 points for large pouches and 25 points for small pouches into your Flourish account to use on your next purchase!

What not to do:

Please don’t leave the spout on. This makes the envelope no longer flat and raises the shipping cost to $4.79+ because it becomes a parcel.

Please rinse the pouches thoroughly of all residue! Otherwise, we have to glove up and spend time cleaning the pouches to be accepted back.

Reduce Waste, Earn Rewards – Return Your Refill Pouches and Earn Points Towards Your Next Purchase!

How Else Can You Earn Rewards?

Write us a review! 

It’s now super easy. Just log in to your Flourish account, head to your favorite product, scroll to the bottom and start typing. The system will confirm you as a verified buyer. When we are notified of the review, we will deposit 50 points into your account and 100 points if you include a photo we can use on our social accounts.

Refer a Friend!

Your honest opinion shared with your friends means more than we could ever say. Invite your friends to shop with us using the link in your account. When they make a purchase, you both get rewarded. There are no limits to the number of people you can share with. Get the details here.

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