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Defective Shampoo Pumps and How We’re Fixing It.

Defective Shampoo Pumps and How We’re Fixing It.

What started out as just a few defective shampoo pumps reported by just a handful of people quickly snowballed into a bigger problem. It isn’t that the pumps were locked or sticking. That happens sometimes. This was an issue that I couldn’t quite believe until I saw it happening myself. These defective pumps were just continuously pumping out shampoo when left alone in the shower.

At first when people reached out via email to let me know that their pumps had essentially been pumping their shampoo down the drain, I couldn’t quite believe it. I suggested unscrewing it to break the suction and promised to send a replacement pump on the way. At this point, it was about 5 in 700 people so I thought it was just a few defective pumps and that we could isolate the problem and replace the defective ones. But then the problem grew. One of our stockists reported that 7 out of 12 bottles they received were leaking out the top with the pump still locked down.

I reached out to the manufacturer for help, but they told me that no one else had this issue and they blamed it on essential oils in the formula degrading the plastic. (Not the issue!)

At this point, the situation was terrible. We searched high and low for better quality pumps that would work on the aluminum shampoo bottles and our beautiful frosted glass hand + body wash bottles-and we found them! 

We then tested the samples in all the formulas, left the pumps open, laid them on their sides to check for potential leaks and they are great! This week we had 2000 new pumps arrive and Becky spent the week replacing all the old tops. So we now feel confident that every bottle going out the door from this day forward will work properly. 

But what about all of those defective pumps out there? We want to make those right. 

First, I want to say that not all of the pumps were defective. I never had a single problem with any of the pumps in my shower-but Becky did. 

Second, I want to acknowledge that while we had a lot of people reach out via email-or sadly report it in our reviews-there could be many other people out there who are having a less than stellar experience but just don’t want to make a fuss. 

We want to fix it for you! It is very important to me that your entire experience with Flourish really makes you happy! From ease of ordering, to quick shipping, to a beautiful unboxing with samples that brighten your day, to ongoing improvement in your skin and hair while using our products, to confidence in knowing that we are being thoughtful in managing our resources in an ethical way and knowing that we are here if you have questions or need recommendations about ongoing or new skin + hair concerns you might be having.

Pumps that don’t work give you either low level or high level aggravation and we don’t want that at all. So here is how we’re going to fix it:

The ideal thing for us would be to include a new pump in your next order so we’re not losing additional costs in shipping out single pumps in boxes. If you need a refill of shampoo or body wash, we’re offering 20% off those pouches to make up for product lost down the drain plus an extra thank you. 

Choose the option that works best for you:

  1. Need a shampoo or body wash refill and have a pump that needs to be replaced? Place your order and use code: GETPUMPED20 . Choosing this option will give you 20% off your refill pouch and we’ll include a $15 gift card to use on a future order. Tell us in the comments how many pumps you need.
  2. Not ready for a refill yet, but really need a new pump? Pay $5 shipping and we’ll send you a $10 gift card to use on a future order. Use code: GETPUMPED10
  3. Just need a new pump? We’ll replace it for you. Please use code: GETPUMPED and we’ll get one on the way.


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