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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Hair Questions

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Hair Questions

When doing a 1:1 hair consult, it seems like everyone has the same questions. I know that not everyone reaches out when they're wondering about something, so here is a rundown on the Top 5 Questions I get on repeat. It might make you feel good to know that other people are wondering the same thing that you are.

1) Can I use the Vibrant + Violet every time I shampoo? You absolutely can, but healthy hair needs protein and our purple shampoo doesn't contain any. You can read more about our healthy protein options here so you can choose the best option for your hair goals. All of our shampoos are color safe, which is important when depositing pigment from purple so you don't undo what you've just added by washing with something too harsh.

2) My hair is so tangled. Which shampoo option is best for me? Our HoneyBlossom + Marshmallow Root contains hydrolyzed honey and marshmallow to soothe stressed hair. You may also want to try the Protected Cleanse method to solve this. 

3) I just switched to natural shampoos and my hair feels so heavy. Why?  Conventional shampoos contain sodium EDTA to chelate hard water minerals and rinse them off your hair. This can be a sensitizing ingredient so many clean formulas choose not to include it which can give natural shampoos a negative reputation for feeling heavy. Our solution is our Shampoo Booster. It will clarify product residue and hard water minerals without drying or over cleansing your hair. It's amazing!

4) I'm a natural medium to dark blonde. Will the purple shampoo lighten my hair? Nope. Adding purple pigment may actually darken your hair a bit. If you are looking for lightness, try adding the Shampoo Booster into your routine added to any of our shampoos. It will remove product residue and hard water minerals that may be lingering and making your hair look darker than it actually is.

5) I only want to wash my hair twice a week but I have fine hair and it gets oily. How can I wash less? It's sad but true that at some point it became a 'hair goal' to wash less frequently. And that set some people up for disappointment. People with coarse, curly hair can absorb oil and wash infrequently. People with baby fine, fine, very straight or closed cuticle hair absorb less oil and need to wash more frequently. Add into that all the variables of activity level, water quality, etc and it becomes pretty clear that having a pre conceived notion of how frequently you "should" wash your hair becomes unrealistic. How about setting the goal of washing when you need to to keep it happy and healthy?

If you have a question that I haven't answered here, I'm always happy to chat! 


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