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So You Have Fine and Curly Hair...

So You Have Fine and Curly Hair...

You can have the best of both worlds with this hair type. Pulling and shaping curls while drying will give you lots of body on the days you decide to straighten your hair. With enough moisture, you can go curly and manage your curl pattern with styling products. 

What does it mean to have Fine & Curly Hair? Your strands of hair are on the fine/thin side but they wave and curl in their own unique pattern. You may have lots and lots of strands or maybe not so many.

What kind of problems do those with fine and curly hair have? Because of how narrow and fine each hair strand is, they can easily get weighed down by heavy ingredients. So it can be tricky to manage dryness, frizz and curl control because most brands use oil to manage these issues. We use light but extremely effective water soluble botanicals and ingredients so you get weightless hydration and shine.

Success Story for fine and curly hair

The problem: Sherry had overprocessed, dry and damaged hair from coloring, daily blow drying, heat styling and lots of fun in the sun! She was not getting enough moisture and protection for her damaged hair with other products. 

Her hair styling: daily blow drying to smooth out the curls, heat styling and products for control

The solution: A pre-shampoo oil treatment with the Rosewood Infusion Glossing Drops. This protects the length of your hair from the stresses of shampooing by not allowing the water to penetrate+further dehydrate delicate, damaged hair. The benefit for fine hair is that the oil protects and smooths and then what is not needed gets washed away. So it gives the benefits and protection without leftover weight on fine strands.

Sherry’s Favorite Flourish Products:

LavenderMint+Wild Clover shampoo+conditioner because it smooths hair but rinses super clean

LavenderMint+Wild Clover Silkening Serum for relaxing curls or accentuating the curl pattern and also fighting frizz.

RosewoodInfusion+Angelica Glossing Drops for pre-shampoo oil treatment to protect and nourish dry, damaged hair.