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Still Struggling with Itchy/Reactive Scalp?

Why is Flourish shampoo the best for sensitive scalp? 

Your sensitive scalp needs to be treated gently. 

We start with soothing botanicals and add the gentlest of cleansers recommended for babies+sensitive skin.

Try a mini Lemongrass

Shampoo + Conditioner

+ Shampoo Booster

for free

Get a trial set of lemongrass shampoo, conditioner (1 oz. each), and shampoo booster (1/2 oz.) plus instructions to help improve your sensitive scalp.  

What is a shampoo booster?

Our concentrated powdered masque added to your daily shampoo creates an acidic/balancing treatment that removes buildup, scavenges mineral deposits and revitalizes your scalp. Use whenever you experience that heavy feeling in your hair caused by product buildup, hormonal shifts, or mineral deposits from your water. citric crystals scavenge minerals(unlike other acids like vinegar)and close the cuticle of your hair lemongrass essential oil is an astringent element chamomile and lemon balm soothes an irritated scalp Directions for Use: Add a sprinkle to your shampoo and rub between your hands to activate the foaming bubbles. Apply to wet scalp and hair and rub. Let rest for a few minutes as the foaming action works. Massage scalp again (you may feel some undissolved crystals) and rinse thoroughly. [/lightbox]

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