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How to Soothe your Scalp and Improve Volume in Your Hair


This treatment plan will add volume to your hair!

Have you already tried dandruff shampoos, tea tree shampoos and others aimed at fixing your scalp issues but they just didn’t work and felt too harsh? Our Shampoo Booster + Masque is a treatment that you can use with your favorite Flourish shampoo to reset the acid balance of your scalp, exfoliate and soothe and remove buildup. Instead of adding more cleansers to clarify or 1% of a specific ingredient, we take a different approach. Our foaming masque is designed to lower the pH of your scalp and also scavenges hard water minerals(something vinegar doesn’t do) so they can be washed away. The result is a deeply clean and refreshed scalp and removal of residue from styling products or hard water that have weighing down your hair.

Here’s what to do:

  • Get your hair wet in the shower and pour shampoo into your palm. Add a heaping teaspoon of our Shampoo Booster+ Masque and rub between hands to activate the foam. Apply foam to your wet scalp and hair and rub. 
  • Let it rest on your hair while you finish showering, giving it some time to let the foaming action (light acidic exfoliation) work. Massage your scalp again (you may feel some undissolved crystals which will help exfoliate (manual exfoliation). Rinse thoroughly. Your hair should feel slippery and super clean.

More Products Your Hair Will Love:

  • Our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Volumizing Shampoo is a lightweight option for cleansing. A tiny bit of sea salt creates texture, separation and definition without drying at all.
  • Our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Volumizing Conditioner will detangle and smooth without any weight. 
  • LavenderMint + Wild Clover Hydrating Mist is a featherweight option for detangling, closing the cuticle and adding shine.
  • For the biggest boost of volume, use our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Texturizing Spray on dry hair to give some grip, hold your style and prevent any slip where styles fall flat.
  • Gently held waves happen with our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Texturizing Mousse. This lightweight foam can be applied on wet or dry hair to boost volume in your roots and support your style.
  • Once a week clarifying will keep your roots extra clean and oil free.
  • This hair type needs extra gentle washing. Lather once, use warm water and rinse with cool.