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How to Improve Moisture in Your Hair!


This treatment plan will add volume to your hair!

The gamechanger for your dry, damaged hair is a pre-shampoo oil treatment with our Glossing Drops. Every time you wash your hair, there is the potential for more damage as moisture is removed by wetting, washing, etc. Creating a protective barrier with our nutritious oil protects the damaged strands, gives your hair flexibility again and helps it to rebuild strength. This is a perfect method for hair that needs help rebuilding because of dryness or damage but gets easily weighed down by oil.

Here’s what to do:

  • Apply several pumps to length of hair while still dry-prior to showering. Leave on 10-20 minutes to allow it to penetrate.
  • For severely damaged hair, repeat before every shampoo until improvement happens over time.
  • To remove, either lather twice with shampoo on wet hair in the shower or apply a quarter sized amount of shampoo in hands, rub together and apply directly onto scalp before getting it wet in the shower. Experiment to see which method works best for your length and thickness of hair and the amount of oil you have applied. Your hair should feel slippery but not at all weighed down.

More Products Your Hair Will Love:

  • Our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Volumizing Shampoo is a lightweight option for cleansing. A tiny bit of sea salt creates texture, separation and definition without drying at all.
  • Our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Volumizing Conditioner will detangle and smooth without any weight. 
  • LavenderMint + Wild Clover Hydrating Mist is a featherweight option for detangling, closing the cuticle and adding shine.
  • For the biggest boost of volume, use our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Texturizing Spray on dry hair to give some grip, hold your style and prevent any slip where styles fall flat.
  • Gently held waves happen with our PatchouliTangerine + Sea Salt Texturizing Mousse. This lightweight foam can be applied on wet or dry hair to boost volume in your roots and support your style.
  • Once a week clarifying will keep your roots extra clean and oil free.
  • This hair type needs extra gentle washing. Lather once, use warm water and rinse with cool.