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Holiday Details

Helping you navigate the Holiday Season

We are Giving you Gifts now through November 28th!

-  Enter Code: GIFTSFORYOU at checkout, then

-  When you spend $65, get our new 1 oz. Effortless Enzyme Cleansing Oil ($16 value).

-  When you spend $150, get our Sleep + Dream Mini Oil + Fizzy Soak ($40 value) + our 1 oz. Effortless Enzyme Cleansing Oil ($16 value)


We want to be real with you. We’re still facing lots of challenges this year. The packaging crisis is still raging on, raw materials have increased by an average of 30%, and we are already hearing about shipping delays via USPS (plus their seasonal rate increase went live on October 1st.)

Despite all of that, we’re planning for an amazing holiday season! We have stocked up on packaging like never before, we’ve turned packaging mishaps (glass bottles not compatible with pumps)into gorgeous, new, soon to be revealed products, and miraculously have enough amazing staff, plus family+friends who are willing to help out as needed to keep everything in stock and running smoothly. 

The biggest unknown right now is the quagmire of holiday shipping. Despite everything going smoothly on our end, once it is with USPS it is out of our hands. For that reason, our Holiday Sale will be happening earlier this year and will be exclusively online to help manage inventory. The details will gently flow into your inbox.