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Healthy, gentle products don’t have to be boring! Flourish Beauty Lab formulas nourish skin, improve hair texture, and delight the senses—while being safe for those with allergies, sensitivities, and delicate skin.

With a dedication to carefully selected and tested ingredients and formulas that really work, we help our customers break through persistent skin and hair problems—like dry hair, dandruff, oily scalp, and listless curls—while steering clear of common allergens and irritants. Our silky and soothing products are free of nut oils, gluten, and other common allergens that are found in so-called “clean” products.

Light up your Senses

At Flourish, our goal is to light up your senses while still being safe for sensitive skin and babies. Even those with fragrance sensitivities or sensitive noses will love how lusciously fresh, delicate and unexpected our purely botanical scent combinations are.

We take every opportunity to make a big impact with a small footprint. Along with adopting silicone-free biodegradable ingredients, reusable containers, and recycled packaging, we use glass wherever possible and offer refill pouches that use 96% less plastic than bottles.

Since 2008, we’ve made it our mission to solve real problems for real people . Today, Flourish Beauty Lab thrives with the support of loyal customers who are thrilled to finally find an effective, gentle product that replenishes their sensitive skin and improves the condition of their hair and scalp. If you are struggling to find safe products that work, we can help. Discover your solution today.

Flourish’s beginnings

I’ve been where you are. As a person with sensitive skin and easily-aggravated autoimmune issues, I was disappointed with “natural” products and “green” solutions that weighed my hair down, dried out my skin, or just plain didn’t work. I began formulating shampoos and cleansers out of a desire to create gentle products that would heal my body, smell delicious, and be healthy for the planet. But I quickly discovered that even ingredients labeled “clean” caused my skin to react.

Luckily, giving up isn’t my style.

I’ve spent years researching and refining to uncover safe, effective ingredients and fresh, intentional scent profiles so that even those of us with allergies and sensitivities can have it all. To this day every product we make is handcrafted by us in small batches in Vermont in the beneficial formulas you’ve come to depend on. We’re proud of the products we’ve developed and we never stop striving to help more people with sensitive skin fall in love with their beauty regimen.