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Top 3 Reason for Itchy, Reactive Scalp

Top 3 Reason for Itchy, Reactive Scalp

Does your scalp feel itchy even though you are washing with a “green”, “clean” shampoo?

There are 3 reasons why this is such a common experience and it is a relatively easy fix that doesn’t require a “dandruff” shampoo.

Problem #1: The first thing to do is to check the ingredient listing on your shampoo bottle.

Even if you are using what you think is a clean shampoo with all the best buzzwords-organic, sulfate free, paraben free, safe, etc. chances are it contains cocomidapropyl betaine and phenoxyethanol. 

Almost all the shampoos in our local co-op and many exclusive green beauty brands online contain cocomidapropyl betaine even though it was named Allergen of the Year in 2004. It is known to be a sensitizing ingredient-but it is easy to formulate with and works really nicely for most people’s hair. So if you are not a reactive person or aren’t formulating from the perspective of sensitive skin, then this would be a great ingredient to use. If you are sensitive-expect contact dermatitis-an itchy, reactive rash that sometimes happens right away-but sometimes takes a while as your body is reaching it’s tolerance for this ingredient.

Phenoxyethanol. The preservative of choice for large manufacturers needing a full spectrum preservative for products like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body washes, face wash, etc. It was the replacement for parabens years ago and it is a super effective option as a preservative. But it is also a sensitizer and many cases highly reactive for sensitive people.

The Fix: If your current shampoo contains either of these ingredients then just marketing the switch to a cleaner option will give your scalp a chance to heal and balance out.

Problem #2 Change in Weather

The next most common reason that people start to experience dry, itchy, flakiness on their scalp is for the same reason you feel it on the rest of your body. When the weather changes and cooler temps and evaporation of humidity occurs, the outer layers of our skin becomes drier and needs to get sloughed off and cared for with a protective coating. 

The Fix:A Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment solves this issue. Applying a light, botanically infused oil to lubricate, loosen and remove dry flaky skin. Allowing it to penetrate is key. Then wash gently to remove extra oil that wasn’t absorbed. This treatment will provide a protective emollient layer to prevent further dryness. Repeat as needed.

Problem #3: Hard Water

Itchy, gunky, rashy buildup happens frequently. It can be the result of hard water mineral buildup so that residue is not rinsing off your scalp and hair completely. It can be a reactive rash from food allergies. Or it can be the result of hormonal fluctuations or too much stress. Typically, you can scratch the buildup on your scalp.

The Fix: Our Shampoo Booster+Masque gives you a clean start by scavenging all of the hard water minerals and buildup so they can rinse away. It also gives your scalp a more acidic environment so that the reactivity cannot thrive.

All of our hair+skincare is formulated for sensitive people and we focus on solving those problems. We are extremely strict with our choice of ingredients always researching the effect on sensitive skin before incorporating something into our formulas.


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