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Our 5 healthy hair rules

Our 5 healthy hair rules

You can have healthy hair by following these five tips.  Taking care of your hair is more than just using shampoo and conditioner.  If your hair suffers from any kind of stress like coloring/highlighting, heat styling or blow drying, hard water, then these steps can make all the difference.  

  1. Protect, moisturize and seal the cuticle of your hair every day. Whether this means using a hydrating conditioning spray, a light finishing oil or mixing it up, give your hair the nourishment it needs to stay healthy.
  2. Deep condition weekly. These treatments should contain water soluble/hydrating ingredients as well as plant oils for nutrition/flexibility. Wrapping your hair in something warm boosts the effectiveness of the deep conditioner.
  3. Clarify/chelate to remove product+mineral buildup. Product and minerals from water can form a layer over your hair which can make conditioning ingredients ineffective. Buildup on your scalp causes irritation and itchiness. Clarify or chelate by using our shampoo booster to remove the gunk from your hair.  
  4. Limit direct heat. Frequent use of irons, blow dryers, etc robs hair of moisture and increases the risk of breakage. Be sure to protect with a product that seals the cuticle.  More effective styling results + less heat time = healthier hair.
  5. Use a bamboo fabric wrap or t-shirt  to soak the water from your hair after washing. This reduces the drying time of your hair, protects your curls and reduces frizz. Bamboo weighs less than cotton, so it helps prevent potential breakage around your hairline.

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