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Dry Hair or is it Actually Dull?

Dry Hair or is it Actually Dull?

Does your hair seem dry or is it actually dull? Do you know the difference?

The most common description people tend to give us of their hair issues is dry hair, oily scalp. But these two issues, dry and dull, that appear to be similar  can happen for different reasons than you think….

Dry means lack of moisture. Moisture comes from hydration/water. This element is what makes your hair flexible, soft and able to nestle in to the strands next to it.

Signs of dry hair are:

  • Crispy texture
  • Ends that spread
  • tangly , snarly feeling
  • roughness

You can lose moisture in your hair from too much:

  • heat styling
  • exposure to sun + wind
  • getting highlights/coloring
  • swimming (jumping into a pool or the ocean with dry hair that is unprotected)

Dull means that your hair is matte in texture instead of shiny+reflective.  Each strand of hair has little scales (like roof tiles) designed to keep moisture in. When they get coated or popped up your hair will no longer behave happily.

Signs that your hair is dull:

  • It tends to be rough
  • weighed down/heavy
  • Frizzy-most often a halo
  • Unmanageable

Your instinct might be to start loading up on deep conditioner- but that will  make it worse because the root of this problem is:

  • Not rinsing conditioner well enough
  • Using dry shampoo instead of a proper shampoo to remove oils
  • Hard water minerals deposited on hair (natural shampoos usually do not contain a chelant like sodium EDTA to scavenge hard water minerals like conventional shampoos)
  • Product buildup

The fix??

If your instinct is that your hair is dry, then the LavenderMint+Clover Hydrating Mist will add actual moisture. Spray on daily after your shampoo/conditioner routine and also after being in the sun or wind.

Once a week,  the Rosewood Infusion Deep Conditioning Creme can be added because it has both the water element and the protective oil element for complete nutrition to restore dry hair.

If you feel that your hair falls into the dull category, the fix will be the Shampoo Booster+Masque. Adding the powder to your shampoo to create a foam and applying this to scalp and hair will lower the pH, remove buildup, close the cuticle and leave your hair soft+shiny.

Repeat as needed and also feel free to add the Hydrating Mist into your routine for extra shine. It is light and helps restore shine+smoothness without buildup.

Need more help deciding? Having multiple hair issues? Feel free to fill out a Hair Care Consult on our site and we will give you personalized recommendations.

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