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Best Non toxic Purple Shampoo

Best Non toxic Purple Shampoo

Best Non-Toxic Purple Shampoo?

Best Non-Toxic Purple Shampoo

If you are searching for a purple shampoo but are concerned about what those colorants and toxic ingredients actually are, Susy, of Pretty Organic Girl has done the research for you. 

We are so proud to be her #1 choice! 

“Flourish Beauty lab created the best purple shampoo and conditioner on the market made with certified organic ingredients, non-toxic dyes, and what is even better, this amazing purple shampoo arrives to you in aluminum bottles that allow refill!”

Pretty Organic Girl

Susy has sifted through multiple brands, identifying ingredients and linking to resources that give you scientific research on the ingredients in question. You can read her blog post here and learn more.

Creating purple shampoo with completely clean ingredients is probably the biggest challenge I've faced as a formulator. There were times I thought about using a chemically enhanced colorant because sometimes working with plants can be unpredictable and it was difficult to get the vivid color we were looking for. Even after we had a winning formula, over time it browned a bit as the beet root aged and turned color. It's disappointing that many other brands chose to use questionable ingredients even if the rest of the ingredients are clean. But I am glad that I persisted and stayed true to Flourish's mission of super clean ingredients.


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