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4 Effective Ways to Cleanse Your Hair

4 Effective Ways to Cleanse Your Hair

How often do you need to wash for your hair type?  Have you tried conditioner first, then shampoo? Oil cleansing or deep cleansing? How were you taught to wash your hair? Have you found a routine that works for you?

Most kids will pour shampoo straight from the bottle onto their head…..and some adults I know are still doing this. Trust us, there is a better way! And we’re sharing some methods you may not have thought of, too.

Some questions to consider:

  • Does the lather, rinse, condition, rinse method work well for your hair type?
  • Were you taught to lather in your hands and then apply to your scalp?
  • Do you comb conditioner through and also squish it onto the full length of your hair?
  • Do you apply conditioner to your scalp also? (Super helpful to tame grays!)

The first thing is to figure out what really works for your hair.

Protected Cleanse:

Those with super thick, coarse hair can usually go longer between washes and have to work to keep smoothing it down. Their hair craves a coating with just a light bit of cleansing, so the Protected Cleanse works perfectly for them.

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner is our richest option and works well for this hair type.

  • Wet your hair in the shower and apply conditioner from scalp to roots.
  • Use a comb to distribute underneath the top layer of hair and then squish to make sure scalp and strands are coated.
  • You can then pour a quarter sized dollop of shampoo to your hands and rub together to lather.
  • Apply this under hair to the scalp so that you get a creamy, sudsy cleansing creme.
  • Rinse. Hair should feel nice and slippery with no tangles!

Everyday Cleanse:

Those with medium weight to fine hair might be able to wash daily to every other day using the Everyday Cleanse method. If you are on the very fine end of the spectrum then daily washing might be the only way to deep your hair looking fresh and bouncy.

You can customize what you do within the Everyday Cleanse method.

Our Lavender Mint+ Clover Silky Shampoo and Conditioner works for all hair types.

  • Wet hair. Pour shampoo in hands and rub together before applying under hair onto scalp around hairline and nape.
  • Follow with conditioner from scalp to ends and comb through. Because you can decide to either lather/rinse, condition/rinse or lather/rinse/repeat, condition/rinse based on how much cleansing your hair needs. Many people find that over time they use considerably less conditioner as their hair becomes healthier. *If your hair is super fine, you can also choose to skip conditioning in the shower and follow up with a light leave-in conditioning mist.

Oil Cleansing for your hair??

Well not exactly, but using a Pre-Shampoo Oil treatment does lubricate and release flakes. When the temperature suddenly changes, the outer layer of skin on your scalp becomes dehydrated and needs to be sloughed off.

  • For people who tend to be very dry, the best method for releasing these flakes is to apply oil to dry hair and massage into the scalp and pull through the strands. Then wrap your hair up in a warm towel to allow the oil to penetrate. After about 30 minutes or so it’s time to rinse using one of the cleansing methods above.

Boosted Cleanse Method:

Sometimes, out of the blue, it seems like your routine isn’t working like it used to. This may mean you really need to clarify/chelate your hair. It may be hard water minerals that are building up (most natural shampoos do not contain a chelant that scavenges them) or styling products accumulating. It also happens that an undetected food allergy, or too much coffee causes scalp reactivity. Our Boosted Cleanse method works to lower the pH of your scalp, closes the cuticle of your hair making it extra shiny and exfoliates gently via the citric crystals-giving you an amazingly clean rinse!

  • Wet your hair while in the shower, add some of the powdered Shampoo Booster+Masque to some shampoo in your hand. Rub hands together and allow product to foam up.
  • Apply the foam to your scalp and leave on while you continue showering. After a while, give another rub to your scalp. You may feel some undissolved citric crystals, which can lightly manually exfoliate as you rub while the lower pH of the foam is chemically exfoliating too.
  • Now you are ready to rinse. Your hair will be super clean, soft and shiny. You can decide if you need a bit of conditioner for protection.

Think outside the box and really pay attention to your hair. It’s telling you exactly what it needs!

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