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The best way to care for thick, coarse hair.

The best way to care for thick, coarse hair.

Is your hair thick or coarse? Does it feel dry, poofy and unruly? Is it hard to comb out or style and you feel like you are always fighting frizz? Well you’re not alone!

The individual strands of coarse hair are thicker than a strand of thread. You can have lots of strands or just a few. Whatever the texture, coarse hair craves moisture. Rather than being smooth, the outer covering of coarse hair is rough. This causes it to tangle and grab onto other pieces.  This can look like frizz and rough, dry hair.

Poofy hair can be described as a sub-category of thick, coarse hair. The strands are so puffed up and dry that they turn into a huge mass of hair that is hard to style or manage. If you cut your hair shoulder length or shorter, it tends to take on a triangle shape.

If you have thick hair then you are probably extremely dedicated to your conditioner and less interested in shampoo. You already know that if your conditioner doesn’t have enough detangling power and slip, you are in for a hard time combing out their wet hair.

Does this sound like your hair? 

While many other shampoos tout a trendy oil as their most important ingredient, moisture actually comes from water based ingredients like marshmallow root, wild honey and wild clover.  These ingredients work to smooth and relax hair. Applying an oil too early in the process can sometimes prevent the hair from absorbing water soluble nutrients. 

Thick hair may need multiple steps to help you achieve the look you’re going for. Here are our recommendations for taking care of your thick, coarse hair, whatever the texture:

Thick, Straight or Wavy Hair:

  • Shampoo using the Protected Cleanse method so your length of hair is protected while you are in the shower. 
  • A Deep Conditioning Creme once or twice a week will give the length of hair the nutrition and smoothing it may be craving.
  • Use the Lavender Mint + Wild Clover Silky Hydrating Mist daily after shampooing and conditioning to give a light protective coating and extra detangling.  Refresh + reset your dry hair, de-volumize and eliminate any frizz.
  • Apply a styling products like the Silkening Serum, Curling Creme or a finishing oil like the Glossing Drops to give weight and control while adding nourishment. Choose the product based on the style you are going for. 

Thick, Curly Hair:

Pay attention to what is happening with your hair and think outside the box on how to work with it. By doing this, you will find a routine that works for you.

To find out more about the best method of shampooing for your hair type, read more here.


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