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Our Awesome Customer Survey Results

Our Awesome Customer Survey Results

You may remember a few weeks ago we sent out a little survey to just check in with all of you about how you are feeling about our hair+skincare-if it’s meeting your needs/if there are new products you’d like to see us offer/other options. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to complete it. I will be answering each one of you individually so that you know you’ve been heard. 

We were blown away by the feedback! There is nothing we love more than to hear from all of you- how much your itchy scalp has improved, how much healthier your hair is, and how the scents+texture of our body care makes your skin feel amazing. 

We had pretty equal response from those of you who have been shopping in our online store for years and those of you who discovered us walking around White River Junction. And we were especially happy to hear that so many of you discovered us on Instagram (if you are not following us yet-hop over there!). It’s been a little tricky deciding how to share info about Mix+Match Mini Facials, our monthly Gua Sha for Graceful Aging class info, etc. because not everyone is local and can make a trip to the store BUT we were also blown away by how many of you travel from out of state to come to the Refill Bar and also to check out the other brands we carry in the store! (Yay for road trips to Vermont!)

So for products you’d like to see us make that are related to hair care: lots of requests for a mousse, holding hair spray, a combination of the Silkening Serum+Curling Creme, purple/color correcting shampoo. And the good news is-we’re on it! These are all ideas we’ve been tossing around and now we’re super motivated to get going. (We may even ask some of you to be product testers for us!).

Many, many of you asked for us to create things like natural deodorant, facial moisturizer, face wash, SPF creme and the good news is: we’ve already searched for and found the very best of these products and carry them in our retail store. The brands we’ve partnered with share our philosophy and are total experts in what they do-plus they are all small batch products made by actual people! That means a lot to us. We’ve already done the work in finding these specific products for you so we’ll be adding a recommendations page on our website where you can shop for them too! Stay tuned…..

And finally, to keep you in the loop of what is going on, we’ll be sharing our monthly events calendar in the beginning of the month so you can sign up or plan a trip to see us! Check out these events for August!

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and for being such an awesome customer! 


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