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Our 5 Healthy Hair Rules

Our 5 Healthy Hair Rules

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Hair Healthy, Shiny and Happy!

Protect, moisturize and seal the cuticle of your hair every day.

Whether this means a hydrating conditioning spray, a light finishing oil or twisting it up, give your hair the nourishment it needs to stay healthy.

Styling Mist Trio
(Honey Blossom Marshmallow Root, Lavender Mint + Clover, Patchouli Tangerine + Sea Salt)

Deep condition weekly. 

These treatments should contain water soluble/hydrating ingredients as well as plant oils for nutrition/flexibility. Wrapping your hair in something warm will boost the effectiveness.

Rosewood Infusion + Angelica
Deep Conditioning Creme & Glossing Drops

Clarify/chelate to remove product+mineral buildup.

Product and minerals (from water) form a layer over the hair preventing conditioning ingredients from penetrating. Buildup on your scalp causes irritation and itchiness.

Lemongrass + Melissa
Shampoo Booster + Masque & Healthy Scalp + Hair Oil

Limit direct heat.

Frequent use of irons, blow dryers, etc. robs hair of moisture and increases the risk of breakage. Be sure to protect with a product that seals the cuticle. *Remember: more effective styling results + less heat time = healthier hair.

Use a bamboo fabric wrap or t-shirt to soak up the water from your hair after washing.

This method reduces dry time, protects your curls and reduces frizz and prevents breakage around the hairline from the weight of balancing a heavy cotton towel on your head.

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