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NiHao New York-Flourish Review

NiHao New York-Flourish Review

Aside from a love for the world of Green Beauty, Tricia the lovely face behind NiHao New York is a world wide traveler. Originally from Singapore, she has a love of exploring and returning to reconnect with places that have been important to her. Living in NewYork City, she shares her favorite museum exhibits and fun neighborhood cafes. When traveling around the globe she makes sure to connect with local beauty brands we might never hear of otherwise and even has a feature, "WorldWideWomen" on her blog where she shares inspiring stories from women around the world.

Tricia and I connected on Instagram and she was intrigued by Flourish. Here is the lovely review she wrote of our Honey Blossom line:

All their products from the lip balm to body lotion to shampoo and conditioner are lovingly handcrafted in small batches in their workshop in Woodstock, using ingredients either farmed locally on their five-acre farm in Vermont or ethically sourced and certified organic from external suppliers, and their process adheres to strict EcoCert guidelines.

Apart from their inspirational story, what drew me to the brand was their lovely selection of scentsKirsten has formulated alluring blends like Lavender MintPatchouli Tangerine and Rosewood Infusion, but given that my mind has been on the arrival of spring, I immediately gravitated towards the Honey Blossom line of products.

Kirsten was so sweet in offering to send me some of the Honey Blossom products to try, and you can imagine my excitement when a beautiful-packaged parcel arrived at my doorstep a few days later!

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Gentle Hand + Body Wash ($15.00 for 9 oz.)

I fell in love with the delicate floral scent of the product before I even tested it on my body- the subtle scent of Marshmellow Root perfectly complements the softly sweet scent of the Honey Blossom. The pump bottle also gets a thumbs up from me, making it easy to dispense the product in the shower.

You may already know that honey is my all-time favorite beauty ingredient, with the ability to provide intense hydration and gentle cleansing. Marshmallow Root has a high mucilage content and provides additional nourishment for the skin, and oats help to soften the skin and lock in moisture. I love how the body wash worked into a light, creamy lather with water and rinsed off cleanly, leaving my skin feeling soft and silky all over.

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Gentle Hand + Body Lotion ($28.00 for 9 oz.)

I usually prefer using body oil in the colder months because the dry climate in New York is really harsh on my skin, but I have been surprised by how nourishing this lotion is and how well it has worked for me. It is lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving a white cast or tackiness. With my other products, I have to reapply at least once or twice a day to make my skin happy, but this lotion lasts me almost the entire day.

It carries the same delicate floral scent as the body wash, and it is perfect if you who like to layer their scents. I have found that 4-5 full pumps is enough for my entire body and this generous-sized bottle will last me a few months at least!

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