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Loving Your Gray Tones+Texture

Loving Your Gray Tones+Texture

Starting to go gray? Wondering about the best ways to gracefully go gray? Whether you want help managing your texture or want your new silver strands to have the perfect tone, we can help.

Gray hair tends to be more wiry in texture sometimes creating a halo of frizz or poofy spots that stick out above your ears while the rest of your hair lays flat.

Sound like you?

The trick is to soften and control these new wiry strands. Be sure to keep your hair well conditioned by adding a deep conditioning mask into your routine. Apply your daily conditioner directly onto your scalp to help relax the grays into the rest of your hair.

Add styling products that will reduce frizz and help with light control. Depending on your hair texture, choose either the Silkening Serum for fine hair or Curling Creme for thick or coarse hair to smooth down and reshape your  strands. 

Is your hair looking brassy? 

People with blonde or  gray hair can sometimes struggle with unwanted yellow or brassy orange tones to their hair. This is generally caused by environmental issues such as UV rays, chlorine, minerals in water or other types of oxidation. This oxidation can also cause dullness.

You can remove mineral buildup with our Shampoo Booster. But for perfecting the tone of blonde, silver and gray hair, add our purple shampoo and conditioner into your routine. As it cleanses it dispenses purple pigment that gives your hair a cooler tone. Incorporating these color correctors into your routine 1-2 times a week will keep your hair the perfect tone for you.

Transitioning to gray hair can have it’s challenges but by paying attention to what your hair is needing and by following these tips you can transition gracefully to gray.

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