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Is Your A/C Causing Problems for Your Skin + Scalp?

Is Your A/C Causing Problems for Your Skin + Scalp?

The cool blast of an air conditioner in summer gives us that feel-good relief from the scorching summer heat, but it could definitely be dehydrating your skin and hair.

Most of us rely on an air conditioner in our homes and offices during the warm summer months to stay cool, but we never really stop to think whether it has any negative, dehydrating effects on our skin and scalp. 

A/C works by removing every drop of humidity from the air while blasting cool air.  So just as in the winter when the heat is on and baking us, we start to experience dry skin, dry hair and dry scalp.

No matter how much water we may drink to keep our body hydrated, if the dry air in our environment is working against us it’s going to begin to show on our skin and hair and eventually our scalp too.

Side effects that a lack of moisture can potentially cause are unwanted skin irritations, premature aging and dullness. Acne may flare as our skin produces more sebum trying to hold moisture in. Rosacea and eczema may flare as the skin’s moisture level becomes depleted. 

Your length of hair may become dehydrated and straw like. Eventually, your scalp may become dry and flaky as well. 

What you can do to keep your skin and hair from becoming dry and dehydrated:

Here are some practical remedies that will help you while you are hanging out in the A/C:

  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, making sure you’re drinking  enough water.
  • Spritz your face with our Hydrating Rose+Rose Geranium Facial Mist and then trap that moisture by immediately adding a moisturizer or facial oil. Don’t let it evaporate into the dry air. Carry mini sizes with you and repeat as needed throughout the day.
  • Do a Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment on your hair. A light coating of oil on dry hair will soothe and calm your scalp and improve the barrier of both your scalp and length of hair. This will help hair to be more flexible and hold onto moisture. Shampoo twice if needed to remove excess oil.
  • Always follow shampooing your hair with a hydrating conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized and your hair nourished.
  • Try a cool water rinse of your scalp at the end of your shower as hot water can have a drying effect. 
  • Use our LavenderMint+Wild Clover Hydrating Mist throughout the day on both your hair and skin. It contains hydrating aloe vera and will add moisture and shine back into your hair.
  • Apply your favorite body oil on sopping wet skin when you step out of the shower. This will trap all of the water on the skin’s surface and friction from rubbing oil+water together creates lotion. Oil absorbs much more easily into wet skin and this method will keep your skin plumped and hydrated.
  • Dry lips happen in the summer too! Sun, wind, A/C and SPF Lip Balm with zinc can draw moisture out of your lips. Apply our Raw Honey Lip Repair Mask after washing your face-or any time your lips feel dry. Honey is a humectant that draws moisture to itself and the oils in it provide a protective layer.

Stay cool out there!

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