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How Does Honey Blossom Compare with Lavender Mint? Molly from Maison Pur Tells You!

How Does Honey Blossom Compare with Lavender Mint? Molly from Maison Pur Tells You!

You guys may remember a few months ago when I introduced you to this all natural brand from Vermont and I couldn’t get enough of their unique scents!

Flourish Hair CareFlourish Hair Care

You guys may remember a few months ago when I introduced you to this all natural brand from Vermont and I couldn’t get enough of their unique scents! Flourish won me over fast with their body wash, lotions and more, and I was eager to try more from them. At the time, Kirsten Connor, the founder of Flourish, had encouraged me to try some of their haircare items too, but I was already testing out a few other haircare items and decided to pass for the moment. Honestly, I’m pretty picky about all my products, but I’m especially picky when it comes to hair products. I have to say, after how much I liked the body care items, I was pretty bummed that I didn’t just go ahead and try some of the hair care items as well though. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I was chatting with Kirsten and she offered again to send me some of her hair care. This time I jumped on the chance! And as luck would have it, I then received even more Flourish hair care in my Glowing Beets box. It worked out great since I was able to try a few different items and get a good idea of Flourish’s hair products.

So, turns out Kirsten really knows her stuff with not only body care, but hair care as well. I’ve tried tons of natural hair products and most have left me disappointed, although I’ve managed to find some I really like. I think it’s just a hard category period, and then add in the limitations of only using natural ingredients and I think it gets complicated. On one hand, I know that natural oils and many other natural ingredients actually have a beneficial impact on my hair, but on the other hand, many of my most favorite hair products through the years have contained synthetic ingredients that make my hair feel and look much healthier, even if it’s just faking it. But, Flourish has managed to create some products that address hair needs beyond just rubbing a little coconut oil in it (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I use lots of coconut oil over here!). They’ve also created products for different hair types so it’s not just “one size fits all”. My own hair tends to be dry on the ends and frizzy. It’s slightly wavy and my ends have been color treated within an inch of their life. My scalp is more on the the oily side so I like a shampoo that really cleans well, but doesn’t strip my hair since my ends are so dry and damaged. So now that you know what I’m looking for in a hair product, let me fill you in on how these stacked up.

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

These smell just as lovely as they sound. They have just a gentle, slightly sweet scent that’s very pleasant. These are designed to be nourishing to dry, damaged hair. This duo is safe for color treated hair and great for anyone who’s hair needs a little TLC. Since these are so moisturizing, I was wondering if it would be too heavy for my hair, but really it seems to be just the right amount of moisture that my ends need to feel smooth and not as dry. The shampoo does get sudsy and it does a great job of washing my hair without stripping it. The conditioner is on the heavier side so I just use it from mid-way down so it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it look greasy by my roots. Since a lot of so-called gentle or moisturizing, natural shampoos leave my hair looking oily, this was a big win for me. I thought it performed very well.

Lavender Mint + Clover Silky Shampoo and Conditioner

This set seems to be for any hair type. They are light enough for finer hair, but also work well for thick hair like my own. As I’ve mentioned about Flourish before, I was so impressed with the scent of these. It’s a very unique and uplifting scent. The mint energizes you, but the lavender is just enough to soften it a bit. These both have plant-derived silk proteins in them and work to soften your hair and make it silky smooth. These did great with my hair! The shampoo got my hair very clean without stripping it (even after doing a coconut oil hair mask) and the conditioner was actually moisturizing enough, but still left my hair feeling bouncy and clean. I go back and forth on which set I like best, But I think for sure that this shampoo works best for my hair. Either conditioner works great though and I’ve been using this one regularly and using the Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root as more of deep conditioner, although my dry hair can use it much more than that if I wanted.

Lavender Mint + Clover Silkening Serum

This is one of the first “clean” silkening serums I’ve tried. Most of the one’s I’ve tried in the past have been full of things like dimethicone to fake the silkiness. This one is the real deal though. You can even feel how silky it is between your fingers before you apply it to your hair. The directions say to use on damp hair, before blow drying or use a little to tame frizz on dry hair. I don’t blow dry my hair often, but I gave it a whirl and it really did enhance how soft and silky my hair felt. Day to day, I’ve more been using it on dry hair to tame my ends and it’s worked so well. It smooths my hair fast and leaves it much more manageable. I have a lot of natural leave in conditioner sprays, balms, oils, etc., but none offer the lightweight smoothing power that this does, so I feel like this was quite a find for me! It’s quickly become a staple.

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Curling Crème

I don’t have naturally curly hair, but I do curl my hair a lot. While I can’t speak to how well this works for naturally curly hair, I’ve found that this does a great job of smoothing my hair after I curl it, without taking the curl out or weighing it down. Especially by day two, my curls start to look a little crazy, so this helps to give them a quick refresh and make them look more polished. This is a little more moisturizing than the silkening serum, so for those that need some extra control over their hair, this would be a good choice.

I’m a huge fan of Flourish and now have several more must-have products from them! For me, natural hair care is still a bit lacking in some areas and I feel like these products definitely offer a lot in that category.


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