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Healthfully Hannah: Natural Hair Care That Actually Works!

Healthfully Hannah: Natural Hair Care That Actually Works!

If you’ve been transitioning to natural personal care products for any period of time, you may be wondering if it’s possible to find natural hair care products that actually work. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: they do exist!

Now if you’re thinking, ‘It’s just hair care products, I’m not rubbing them on my skin so it can’t really be that bad’, (I know because I once thought the same thing myself!), let me explain why it really is important to avoid mainstream hair care products.

Not only are we applying these products to our scalps where our hair follicles absorb them, but we’re leaving them on all day, breathing them in for hours on end.

Is Natural Hair Care Really Possible?

I’ll admit it – for a long time, I didn’t think it was possible for natural hair care products to match up to their mainstream counterparts. In fact, they were the very last products I swapped when transitioning to safer personal care products.

I get it, it can be a challenge to find natural and nontoxic hair care products that really work. I often hear from readers that shampoo in particular is a very difficult product to replace.

Thankfully, there ARE natural hair care products that work.

Meet Flourish.

Flourish is an incredible brand that offers a full range of hair care products (and body products too!) From shampoo and conditioner, to styling products, curling crème, texturizers, and detangling mists, Flourish has you covered!

Lemongrass Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This shampoo exceeded my expectations in a big way! The texture is similar to that of mainstream shampoo – thick and slippery enough to produce a great lather. And the best part? It is infused with citrus oils and kaolin clay that boost cleansing power while revitalizing the scalp and hair from buildup and that dull, limp feeling.

Since Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents, I immediately loved this shampoo. It smells fresh and lemony- a perfect fresh and clean scent (without the artificial fragrances!)

Quick note: I found that rubbing it between my hands to produce a lather before applying provided the best results. Also, if you have a more oily scalp, try double washing- just wash, rinse, repeat, and follow with the Lemongrass Conditioner below. (Don’t worry, double washing with this shampoo won’t dry out your hair. This formula is free from the drying agents that many shampoos contain.)

This Shampoo is pH balanced and safe for color treated hair.

Lemongrass Revitalizing Conditioner

The Lemongrass Revitalizing Conditioner from Flourish completes this hair care duo perfectly! Like the Lemongrass Shampoo, it is formulated to add shine and revitalize at the same time.

It is slightly thinner than some conditioners, but what I love about it is that it does not leave hair looking greasy or weighed down. It’s just the right texture to nourish and hydrate hair, while detangling and deep cleansing.

Also pH balanced and safe for color treated hair.

Lavender Mint + Clover Silkening Serum

With my curly hair, it’s essential to use styling products. If I don’t, well…let’s not even go there.

The Lavender Mint (mmm!) Silkening Serum eliminates frizz, while softening hair. I used this in place of my daily leave-in-conditioner and it worked incredibly! Its feather light and silky texture gave my hair a boost of hydration and smoothness, without weighing it down. #neverlookingback

Because I’m a huge fan of anything minty, this Silkening Serum was pure delight! It’s fragrance is noticeable yet not overpowering, and smells so refreshing.

It can be used on dry or wet hair, and also works great for fine hair. I primarily used it on wet/damp hair, but I also used it on dry hair occasionally to restyle and reduce frizz and it also worked great!

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Curling Crème

When you find a curling crème that outperforms it’s mainstream counterparts, you know you’ve struck gold!

If you’re looking for a natural product that provides hold, defines & styles (curls in my case), and treats dry hair, look no further than this deliciously-smelling Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Curling Crème. (Yes, it actually smells like Honey + Marshmallows!)

It adds body, moisture, hold, and can even be used as a heat protection if blow drying. One of my favorite parts is that it provides hold and body without giving that crunchy feeling that some hair gels do.

If that wasn’t enough, I noticed that after using these cleansing, conditioning, and styling products I was able to style my hair and have it last much longer than usual (the style held and still looked good by the end of the second day after using the products- which is rare for my hair!)

This Curling Crème is a must-have! It completely replaced my styling & curl creams and works perfectly alone or paired with the Lavender Mint + Clover Silkening Serum.

Have you made the switch to natural hair care? Which Flourish products do you want to try first?

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