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Good for the Planet-Recycling Properly

Good for the Planet-Recycling Properly

We’re so excited to partner with TerraCycle to make is easier to properly recycle our packaging!

Discovering made in the USA, BPA free, refill pouches last April was one of the best things to happen for our business. We were able to offer a way to refill and reuse bottles for our customers all around the country, just as we’ve been doing here in our retail store. It easily solved the packaging crisis rippling around the world due to Covid 19.

We started with shampoo, conditioner and hand+body washes refills in the 16 oz size. Recently we began offering 4 and 5 oz refill pouches for our Styling Mists, Serums and Cremes which come in beautiful frosted glass bottles. Refill Pouches have become our Top Selling product!

But there is a down side. In order to hold liquid, they must be strong enough to withstand the force of pressure and not burst or dissolve. That means a lamination process of multiple layers of plastic.

There are lots of compostable and biodegradable pouches that hold dry ingredients like bath salts, etc. Unfortunately, those are not suitable for our liquid products.
Because of all of the layers used in creating this durable pouch, it is a #7 plastic-which is not easily recyclable in a lot of communities.

But we’re happy to say that we have solved this problem by partnering with TerraCycle!

TerraCycle is a social enterprise company whose mission is to recycle everything! They specialize in the collection and reuse of difficult to recycle waste.

We have purchased their Zero Waste boxes for plastic and beauty product recycling. This means that you can now return the empty pouches to us (along with difficult to recycle lotion and treatment pumps)and TerraCycle will properly recycle them and turn them into new products.

We are feeling really good about solving this problem by working to directly offset the packaging we generate. We’ll be sending info about how to return your empty pouches (and other hard to recycle items) once our Zero Waste boxes arrive here in the store.

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