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Finding a Non-Toxic Shampoo That Really Cleans Has Been a Struggle-Struggle No More!

Finding a Non-Toxic Shampoo That Really Cleans Has Been a Struggle-Struggle No More!

Finding a nontoxic shampoo that ACTUALLY CLEANS my hair has been a struggle. The struggle is real, you know it, I know it and every no poo-er out there knows it because that is last and final stop on this journey to nontoxic living – throwing in the towel and giving up shampoo all together. Well, struggle no more friends because there is an answer!

So what type of hair does this shampoo work on? Well, I had my hair examined by a hairstylist and she said my hair is thick – like the strands are thick in diameter and also dense, like the follicles are very close together. I tend to get an oily buildup in the back of my head by the nape of my neck that just won’t go away with a weak shampoo.  If you are like me listen up! It works ladies! And if you are not like me and you have thin hair, head over to Gurl Gone Green and read my friend Suzi’s review of Flourish.

Okay so this is my criteria for reviewing a shampoo:

    • Does it work?

  • Is it nontoxic?

And after that everything else is secondary:

    • Does it smell nice?

    • Does it lather?

    • How much do I need to use?

    • How long does it last?

    • How much does it cost?

  • Packaging in terms of aesthetics, sustainability and function.

Okay so here’s the deal. It works and it’s nontoxic so check and CHECK! You can see the Flourish ingredient list here.

Now on to the superlatives. I wash may hair just about every 3-4 days. After 4 days it’s ready to be washed so I always have to do at least two rounds of washing. With Flourish the same applied.  The first round yielded no lather but by rounds 2 or 3 I would get a good lather and my hair and scalp would be clean.

It smells beautiful.  Lavender and spearmint – light and sweet. Really pretty.

The price is the best I have found around. My go-to shampoo is 64.00 for an 8oz shampoo and an 8oz conditioner. Flourish is 38.00 for a 9oz bottle of each. I would estimate this bottle would last me about 3 months washing my hair every 3-4 days. I tend to use a nickel/quarter size amount of product per wash.

The conditioner is lovely too. It’s light weight, smells beautiful, detangles and does not weigh hair down.

The shampoo and conditioner are packaged in plastic.

Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Curling Creme

I also got to try Flourish’s Honey Blossom + Marshmallow Root Curling Creme. LOVED it.

I have naturally wavy hair and I am always going for that – I didn’t try too hard to curl my hair look. This is a killer tool to achieve that goal. It separated and enhanced my curls without adding any crunch or texture to my hair. Really light, really effective. I would repurchase this for sure.

This is packaged in glass with a pump.

I also got to try their Lavender Mint Silkening Serum. I don’t often straighten my hair but when I do I love adding some shine. Something free from silicones and toxins – something like this!

Really you can’t go wrong with this line. Kristen has thoughtfully sourced all of her ingredients including using some grown on her own Vermont farm and her formulations are on point.  So for all you no poo-ers who have given up and embraced the compromise – come back from the dark side! You can check out her entire line of body soaps, scrubs, butters, lotions and hair care here. And for more info about other Flourish products you can check out my friend Molly’s review hereAgain, the lavender/mint aroma formulation is super refreshing. The serum adds shine without adding weight or grease. No clumped together piece-y strands. Packaged in glass.

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