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2021 Year in Review-Where We've Been and Where We're Going!

2021 Year in Review-Where We've Been and Where We're Going!

Hi friends!

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is about to wrap up and that we are headed into 2022. Is it just me or did that go by in a blur?

In a year marked by supply chain issues, packaging shortages, on again/off again in person shopping, and inflation I am blown away by all the good things we accomplished in 2021. You, our customers, really stepped up to support us with both your purchases and your patience when your favorites were out of stock. 

I just know that 2022 will be even better!

Here is a quick recap and a sneak peek of exciting things to come:

We launched a total of 7 New Products Over this Past Year!

That is a crazy number for such a tiny company but we did it! ??

Vibrant + Violet Purple Perfecting Shampoo + Conditioner- completely plant based, there is no chemically enhanced color here. Violet hues cool the brassy tones in blonde, grey or silver hair. 

Sleep+Dream Fizzy Bath Salts- we took a packaging mishap of glass bottles with odd tops that would not work with any of our pumps and turned it into a heavenly fizzy bath salt loaded with magnesium for relaxing and a gorgeous new scent to send you off to slumber.

Sleep+Dream Relaxing Body Oil- our newest aromatherapy blend of lavender, rose geranium, sweet orange and atlas cedar oils in a delicious, skin softening body oil. Use it on it’s own or pair with our Sleep+Dream Fizzy Salts.

GingerElixir+Arnica Fizzy Salts- when we decided to make fizzy bath salts, we knew without question that this would have to be one! Our GingerElixir+Arnica is already an absolute top seller because….arnica for inflammation, sore muscles plus the heavenly scent of ginger, cinnamon, lime, vanilla and ylang ylang. So adding both of those reasons together with magnesium salts creates the ultimate winter (or really anytime)soak!

Spruce+Cedar Beard Oil- if you have tried anything from our Spruce + Cedar line-the Hand + Body Wash or the Hand Repair Creme then you know that this smells exactly like the Vermont woods. Plus it has some tamanu oil which helps repair extreme skin conditions. We know that is exactly how everyone wants their guy to smell. And honestly, you can use it on your skin too-guys and girls.

Effortless Enzyme Cleansing Oil- for YEARS I’ve had people asking me to make facial products. I have been oil cleansing for over 20 years and it is the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. But last year, I got curious about a rinseable oil cleanser. I LOVED experimenting and tweaking this product and it is my absolute favorite. I like to think of it as a 3 in one product: a rinseable cleanser, a mask and a moisturizer because your skin is so soft and hydrated after rinsing. Apparently, you guys love it too because we’ve made 5(!) batches since it’s release just over a month ago!

We Re-Released/Re-Formulated 6 Products This Past Year!

They just needed some little tweaks to send them right to absolute perfection!

Shampoo Booster+Masque- the ultimate clarifier, buildup remover, shine restorer, scalp savior. Exactly the same but we removed the scent so it would work well with any one of our shampoos. Just add a little of this magic powder to your favorite shampoo whenever you feel like you need it. Now in an aluminum bottle as we make our way to reducing plastic in our line.

Lemongrass+Dandelion Scalp Support Oil-following along with the new Lemongrass + Dandelion shampoo formula, we added dandelion, burdock and other purifying botanicals to give those with an irritated or overly dry scalp the support that they need.

HoneyBlossom+MarshmallowRoot UV+Heat Protectant- it still detangles as well as before, but now it protects from heat and also from too much sun! Sunscreen for your hair anyone?

Three New Botanical Perfume Oils- a concentrated aromatherapy roll on of your favorite Flourish scent-PatchouliTangerine, RosewoodInfusion or GingerElixir. To replace our aroma mists, instead of spraying your scent you can roll it on whenever you need an aromatherapy boost.

Aside From What We Did With Products:

We Won the CertClean Beauty Awards for our Vibrant+Violet Purple Perfecting Shampoo! We were just over the moon about this. We were still formulating when we filled out the award application so the pressure was on! But we stood out among all the competitors. 

We Partnered with Terracycle to Properly Recycle Our Refill Pouches! In the beginning of the COVID supply chain crisis, when no one could get caps for any bottles and we wondered how we would be able to sell our shampoo, we found refill pouches that were BPA free, made in the USA and saved 96% plastic over our bottles. BUT, over time, we heard from so many of you that they were not recyclable in your community. As a green company, committed to the environment we knew that we had to find a way to keep the pouches out of the trash. So we partnered with Terracycle by purchasing boxes that specifically collect #7 plastic. When the box is full, we mail it to them and they make sure the empty pouches are turned into new plastic products like decking, park benches, etc. 

If you have ordered refill pouches in the last few months, it came in a multi-use recyclable mailer which you can open and then save to send your empty pouch back in. There are also stickers instructing you to save + reuse your mailer and to send the empty pouch back to us. In the new year, we’ll be launching an incentive program to give you $$ when you return your pouch.

We launched Subscribe+Save! 

Isn’t it just the worst, getting into the shower and being completely out of your favorite shampoo? We know how busy you are. Sometimes you just don’t have time to hop online and place another order. But (hint, hint) if you already have a favorite shampoo-sign up to have it automatically sent to you and SAVE 15%! 

Worried that you won’t use it quickly enough? We just added the 9 oz bottles as an option too!

We’ve hired a Community Herbalist + Customer Relationship Specialist!

Years ago, I hired an herbalist to work with me to bring all the botanical goodness into our line. Now, the ball is really rolling forward as we are adding facial care to our offerings and Rebecca Morlock, who is a clinical herbalist has joined our staff! She is giving direction on the plants we’ll include in new formulas as well as sourcing from local farms and growers. She and I have been collaborating behind the scenes on some new products and she has also created some absolutely gorgeous things on her own which we will reveal soon! But aside from her talents in the plant world, she is incredibly easy to talk to and a real problem solver. If you reach out for help with product questions or practical questions, she is the go to person! Plus-she has been a huge encourager of women on their journey going silver!

Looking Ahead to 2022-

Effortless Enzyme Cleansing Oil is just the first of many new facial products to come! Any moment now, we will be adding to the website:

  • Rose+Rose Geranium Hydrating Facial Mist-a vitamin water, aloe and hydrosol mist to keep parched skin hydrated in the most delicate way
  • Luminous Liquid-a brightening,  antioxidant oil from the most beautiful berries-blueberry, strawberry, red raspberry, pomegranate, sea buckthorn with a hint of jasmine and sandalwood
  • Everyday Velvet-an incredibly soothing, barrier building blend of jojoba, oat and flax seed oils with a touch of palmarosa. This is a medium weight oil that soothes parched or weathered skin. Perfect for dry, winter weather. 
  • Liquid Light- a daily eye treatment rollerball blend of green coffee bean+cucumber oil blended with other nourishing oils and laurel wax to keep it in place. No added scent for your delicate eye area.

These products are currently available here in the store, so if you are local-stop in! 

We are currently working on adding multiple serums and masks and a nourishing creme to the lineup.

So those are the fun, new things going on with Flourish! I want to thank each and every one of you for a great year. I love being able to share these updates with you and appreciate you being along for the ride.

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